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About Us

Simpson Telecom was formed by the company's namesake, William (Bill) Simpson (1932-2011), in 1984. As a co-founder of the Canadian Telecommunications Group (CTG), originally established in August of 1979, Simpson pioneered the early fledgling industry of phone system ownership, improving upon costly system rental from Bell, which at the time, was the ONLY option. 

As the Bell Canada monopoly began to dissolve, the industry started to flourish with an influx of newly formed phone companies called ‘interconnect’ firms. It was necessary, shortly thereafter, to find a market for the ‘used’ systems which were coming into the market place due to the second generation of phone system purchases. Simpson quickly recognized this need in the marketplace, and  the “Simpson Telecom Group” (STG) was established in March of 1984 in order to resell these still useful phone systems.

In our new corporate facility, we are taking STG in a new and bolder direction, converging with the world of Unified Communications, Headsets and Video/Audio-Conferencing.  We will of course continue to buy, sell and service all types of ‘LEGACY’ telephone equipment, and be assured that as well, we’ll continue to stay on the leading edge of all emerging technologies that affect or impact our changing “Telecommunications” landscape.

You can rely on our ability to design systems and implement solutions that are both properly tailored, and offer pricing which will enable strict adherence to tightening Telecommunications budgets.  Additionally, our ‘Second-To-None’ Customer Service continues to be unequalled, and you have Simpson Telecom, a dedicated team of professionals to help you every step of the way.

We stock a wide array of Avaya, Norstar, Nortel PBX, Toshiba, Panasonic, Centrex equipment and peripherals as well as corded and cordless headsets, made by industry leaders such as Plantronics, GN/Jabra and Chameleon.

Bill Simpson