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5 Benefits of a Polycom Conference Phone

Polycom conference phones offer sound clarity, noise reduction and flexible configurations, making it ideal for installation in offices of any size.

5 Benefits of a Polycom Conference Phone

As a small business with over three decades in the industry that buys and sells business telephone equipment to factories, hotels, law offices, call centers, schools and other businesses, we get tremendous satisfaction as we work with customers. We know through our assistance their business becomes more profitable as we ensure that they possess a phone system and hardware which is the best fit for their individual needs. Today, the industry has moved to a mainstream technology. This blog focuses on five benefits of a Polycom conference phone.

5 benefits of a Polycom conference phone

Polycom is well known in the telephony market for the analog and VoIP conference phones. Some of the most current Polycom models offered for VoIP conference calls include the IP 500, IP 600, and IP 700. The Polycom phones offer some solutions which have been well designed to fit any size of the conference room. This allows for interactive multiple person calls without necessarily sacrificing the quality of a call.

They all come with Polycom HD voice technology and have the ability for desktop paging. It also has standard voicemail, holds as well as mute buttons. These phones can be powered through the standard AC power connection via the power over Ethernet switch as well. Some of the benefits of these conference phones include the following:

1. Making emergency communication

Polycom is the ultimate phone that can assist in making some emergency communications. The fact that the devices boast about patented Polycom Acoustic Clarity is just one of the primary reasons as to why it is possible to enjoy loud and clear conference calls. The advancement, which is similar to Polycom HD voice, is what ensures clarity of communication process. There is some technical advancement responsible for clarity of sound, this includes USB-based solutions, voice over the IP support facility and flexible configuration options.

2. Real life audio experience

There are so many reasons as to why the use of Polycom is on the rise. Users are in a position of using the devices in easy and very straightforward approaches. The presence of the built-in superior quality gives some real life audio experience. The delivered sounds are similar to the natural sounds. With the fact that there are some background noise reduction as well as echo cancellation capabilities is what ensures there is clear communication. This way you can enjoy a distraction-free audio conferencing experience.

3. Boost productivity of a meeting

Polycom conference phones are an automatic choice used in the delivery of expansive microphone pickup plus the superb voice quality. The technical equipment also enables some seamless conversations and delivery of 360-degree microphone pickup.

4. User-friendly and easy to manage

Polycom video conferencing solutions are easy to manage and user-friendly as well. This is what enables the faster communication and collaboration. It also promotes efficient communication with clients. Video conferencing also provides a natural experience. Distances seem to vanish with high definition video conferencing. Polycom's latest technology integrated into video conferencing tools allows the active participation of all involved. As a result of this, more productive and comprehensive conferences are conducted efficiently. With this, the decision making in an organization becomes simple and quick.

5. Lowers the cost and reduce time of frequent travels

Conference calling is a technology which has cut down the frequency of business travels. The considerable cost cut more than compensates for product prices within a short period. Employees can save a lot of time as well as energy which could be exhausted during long trips. This is what has resulted in an enhanced productivity from employees and a higher efficiency of human resources. At the same time, executives don’t have to miss out on the benefits of being present physically at a meeting.


Polycom conference phones offer sound clarity, noise reduction and flexible configurations. These features make it ideal for installation in offices of any size. With a wide variety of accessories and add-ons like video conferencing, Polycom is rising steadily in the world of intelligent communication services and products. The need for superior communication is now. Contact us to start enjoying the benefits of Polycom conference phones and audio conferencing.