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Audio Conferencing Solutions: Outfitting Your Conference room

Tips for creating an efficient audio conferencing room that will save you the time and costs associated with getting people together.

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For companies who routinely hold audio conferences, incorporating a dedicated conference room in the business premises is an essential undertaking.

Efficient utilization of a conference room means it being ready for use whenever it's needed, and this means outfitting it in a way that includes all the necessary facilities. It should also be maintained in a way that minimizes the need for the same tasks to be performed every time a conference is set up.

Of course, installing superior quality audio conferencing equipment is a key element in outfitting your conference room.

However, audio conferencing equipment isn't the only technology that should be included in a fully outfitted conference room. For the benefit of both those present and those joining remotely, there are a number of further hi-tech additions that can help make any audio conference run as smoothly as possible.

Outfitting a Conference Room

Any well-outfitted conference room will be thoughtfully designed to allow conferences to begin with minimal set-up prior to each conference.  This includes all furniture, fixtures and fittings that may be necessary.

Before anything is moved into the room, the location of everything needs to be worked out in advance. Noting where the plug sockets are and placing any equipment nearby will help minimize wires running along the floor, which can be a safety hazard as well as aesthetically unattractive.

Tables and chairs should be organized in a way so that each provides the same experience to each conference attendee. Obstructed views of a presentation or being out of range of the microphones are situations that should be avoided.

Modern Audio Conferencing Technology

Modern audio conferencing solutions allow clear and effective communication with colleagues and clients from all over the world, helping people collaborate even when physical distance is between them.

Systems that incorporate conference phones from Polycom's SoundStation and VoiceStation lines in their audio conferencing solutions can benefit from their patented Acoustic Clarity technology for superior sound quality.

Conference phones can effectively pick up the speaker's voice from anywhere in the room, intelligently focus the microphone on the active speaker, and can operate from a wired mobile phone connection as well as internet and Bluetooth options.

Audio conferencing solutions are designed to save time, cost, and carbon emissions associated with getting people together, yet substandard audio conferencing equipment can dissuade companies from wanting to do so. Outfitting your conference room with high-quality equipment is essential in creating a productive environment.