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Evaluating Your Communications Assets

Whatever the size of your business, your office communications equipment will often represent a significant portion of your valuable fixed assets.

Simpson Telecom, Toronto, Halifax: Evaluating Your Communications Assets

Whatever the size of your business, whether it is located in Toronto, Halifax, or anywhere in-between, the communications equipment you use in your offices will often represent a significant portion of your valuable fixed assets.

As any conscientious business owner knows, evaluating your fixed assets is an important undertaking for a number of reasons.

This extends to second-hand items, meaning evaluating your refurbished phone systems is equally as important as doing so with your new equipment. However, the depreciation used equipment suffers over time can make it tricky to put a proper figure on the actual value of your phones, headsets, or any telecom equipment you may have, whether they be Avaya, Jabra, Nortel or any brand.

To do so accurately, you're going to need to ask the experts.

Simpson Telecom can help.

Here are a few reasons why doing so can add value to your company.

Evaluate your communications assets for insurance

There are a number of reasons why a company should evaluate and reevaluate their fixed assets and most, if not all of them, can help your company to save money in the long run.

Business insurance may seem like a necessary evil when premiums are being paid, but it can be a godsend should something untoward happen.

Assets can easily be lost or stolen; sometimes, unfortunately, by a company's own employees. Disasters of a more natural variety can befall a business too, depending on their geographic location.

Smooth insurance claims afterwards are key to a successful recovery, and knowing the value of all your assets will help facilitate this.

Whatever the reasons for claiming, evaluating the worth of your new and refurbished phone systems means having an accurate figure of how much should be paid out. On top of that, it can also help to lower your premium as the value of your equipment depreciates over time.

Evaluate your communications assets for budgeting

If your company is to budget accurately for the future, knowing exactly how much equipment is in your refurbished phone systems is essential.

Items that are lost, stolen, or simply unusable yet still listed are known as ghost assets, and they could be costing your company money if listed in your insurance policy. Reevaluating your refurbished phone systems can help keep an accurate list, helping you to avoid unnecessary costs.

The other side to this coin is knowing exactly what inventory you do have, to avoid duplicate purchasing of, for example,  Avaya phones, Jabra headsets, or any other equipment for your IP phone systems.

Evaluating your refurbished phone systems also gives you a firm grasp of what equipment is being used and what isn't.

This can help eliminate maintenance costs on phones and headsets that do nothing more than sit idle, and allow you to better anticipate costs of servicing or replacing equipment that becomes worn out.

Having a firm idea of the value of your new and refurbished phone systems and headsets (Avaya, Jabra, Nortel, etc), will also help you to accurately price your whole business should you ever come to sell it.

Your refurbished phone systems evaluated by the experts

If you're going to get an accurate figure for the value of your refurbished phone systems, they need to be evaluated by someone who knows the market.

Simpson Telecom can collect all your inventory data, consider the relevant depreciation factors, and return an accurate valuation for your equipment under current market conditions.

So whether your new or refurbished phone systems need evaluating or reevaluating for insurance purposes, to improve your budgeting, or to help give an accurate value should you wish to sell your business, contact us today to see how we can help.