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Extension mics (2-pack) for Polycom SoundStation2 EX

Polycom Extension Microphones (2-pack) for SoundStation

Expand your SoundStation2 EX's sound coverage!. Add these 2 extension microphones to your Polycom® SoundStation2EX™ conference phone to ensure superior sound quality during your conference. You'll increase your audio range, especially in larger conference rooms, so all participants sound crisp and clear!

Features include:

  • Extend up to 6' on either side of base unit
    • Increases audio conference participants from 15 to up to 25
    • For use with Soundstation2EX™ models

Compatible with the following models:

  • SoundStation2EX™l
    • SoundStation2 Avaya 2490™
    • SoundStation2™ Direct Connect for Nortel

p/n: 2200-16155-001

Polycom® Wireless Extension Microphones

Polycom WirelessExtension Microphones (2-pack) for SoundStation

Polycom® Wireless Extension Microphones accessory kit is an innovative solution for adding additional microphone pickup to your conference room without the hassles or limitations of cables. Designed exclusively for the Polycom® SoundStation2EX™, SoundStation IP6000™, SoundStation VTX1000™ conference phones, each of the two microphones included with the Polycom® wireless microphone accessory kit can be placed up to 30 feet from the phone console, extending the microphone coverage even to hard to reach corners of the conference room. Plus, the microphones fully support Polycom® HD Voice on conference phones that also support HD Voice technology for superb voice quality with no compromises.

p/n: 2200-32400-001

Polycom Extension Microphones for SoundStation

Polycom Extension Microphones for SoundStation

2 cardioid extension microphones 300 – 3500 Hz • (for 2W-EX version only, wired mics). 

p/n:  2200-07840-001

Polycom® Wireless Lapel Microphone

Polycom Wireless Lapel Microphone

  • Personal microphone for use with Polycom SoundStation™ conference phones
  • Perfect for presentations or situations where one person is speaking for extended periods
  • Available in two different frequencies: 171.905MHz and 203.400MHz

Polycom SoundStation2 Power Supply & Console Cable

Polycom SoundStation2™ Power Supply & Console Cable

Replacement 110V power supply & console cable for Polycom® SoundStation®, SoundStation2™, and SoundStation Premier® conference models 2200-15100-001, 2200-16000-001, 2200-16200-001, 2200-00106-001, and 2200-05202-001.

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