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About Chameleon Headsets

CHAMELEON HEADSETS by Earshot Innovations LLC

Chameleon Headsets for Call Centres - Maximum durability and sound clarity with noise-cancelling technology providing highest sound performance

The Chameleon team has spent the last 20+ years developing, marketing and manufacturing headsets for major brand name manufacturers such as Lucent Technologies, Softalk, the former AT&T, Philips and more.  The entire line of Chameleon Headsets Call Center Telephony products was introduced in early 2000 to new customers and continues to evolve to suit the needs of their clients world-wide.

For an economical headset that does not compromise quality for price, Chameleon headsets are the choice of call centres and offices alike!

Chameleon Headset 2001
Chameleon quick disconnect USB adapter for Chameleon Headsets
Chameleon Headset 2002
Chameleon quick disconnect cords for Chameleon Headsets