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Avaya 2400 Series Digital Phones

Avaya 2410 Series IP Phones

Avaya 2410 Digital Phone

The Avaya IP Office 2410 is a flexible display telephone with several capabilities such as local call log and speed dial not available on previous generations of digital telephones. The 2410 provides a streamlined, small footprint design and is geared for the general enterprise telephone user. With a large display, the user interface is adapted to improve productivity and serviceability.

Avaya 2420 Series IP Phones

Avaya 2420 Digital Phone

The 2420 is a multi-line digital telephone for use with systems running Avaya Communication Manager.  It has a 7 line x 29 character display and all buttons are labeled directly on the display (no paper button labels).

It features 24 system call appearance/feature buttons, provides automated call tracking with 100-entry call log and can provide access to 104 speed-dial numbers.

The 2420 can be maintained with most current enhancements through downloadable firmware.  It can be expanded with option 1XU (E24), an expansion module with 24 call appearance feature buttons.



Avaya Phones

Avaya IP Office

Simpson Telecom Group is certified in the design, implementation and support of Avaya IP Office, an award-winning small business communications system used by more than two million organizations worldwide.

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Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM)

Simpson Telecom group specializes in the implementation and support of the Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) system for small and medium enterprises. The platform delivers unified communications capabilities, proven and reliable voice processing, and an extensive range of feature-rich business telephony applications.

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