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Panasonic Phones

All Panasonic phones are available in black and many are also available in white.  Components for the various Panasonic System platforms which operate these phones, including voicemail, add-on modules and reception consoles, are all available at STG.

Panasonic KX-T7020 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7020

KX-T7020 handsfree telephones are designed for use with Panasonic Hybrid Telephone Systems KX-T30810, KX-T61610, KX-T123211D and KX-TA624, but can be used with Panasonic Digital Super Hybrid Systems as well.

Panasonic KX-T7030 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7030

12 CO line speakerphone with LCD display, 12 programmable line buttons, automatic redial, 4 one touch dial keys, speaker phone, HF answerback.

Panasonic KX-T7050 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7050

The Panasonic KX-T7050 advanced hybrid telephone is a user-friendly phone which features 12 convenient line keys for regularly dialed numbers. Sleek and stylish with a low-profile design, this type of handset is comfortable and easy to use.

Panasonic KX-T7220 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7220

The KX-T7220 Digital Super Hybrid XDP Phone with Speakerphone works with Panasonic KX-TD, KX-TDA, KX-TD308, KX-TD816, and KX-TD1232 control units.

Panasonic KX-T7230 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7230

This KX-T7230 Panasonic Digital Phone is a 30 Button, 24 Line Speakerphone with Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Other features include volume control, auto-dial, auto-answer, flash, intercom, conference, message, transfer, and other programming capabilities.

Panasonic KX-T7250 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7250

Features: 6 Programmable Line Buttons XDP Jack Automatic Redial Monitor Key Hold Key Flash Key Redial Key Intercom Key Transfer Key Handset/Speaker Electronic Volume Control Program Key Auto Dial/Store Key

Panasonic KX-T7431 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7431

  • 1-Line 16 Character LCD Readout
  • 12 Programmable Line Buttons
  • Jog Dial Control provides easy access to both system and personal speed dial lists, controls speaker and handset volume/contrast
  • XDP (eXtra Device Port) Jack
  • Hands-Free Speakerphone
  • Whisper Off-Hook Call Announce (WOHCA)
  • Automatic Redial
  • Auto Answer/Mute
  • Compatible with all KX-TD, and KX-TDA phone systems

Panasonic KX-T7433 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7433

Panasonic KX-T7433 Digital 24-Button Speakerphone with 3-Line Display.

Panasonic KX-T7436 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7436

Panasonic KXT7436 24 button digital speaker phone with 6x24 display

Panasonic KX-T7630 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7630

The Panasonic KX T7630 is a digital proprietary telephone with 24 buttons, 3-line LCD and speakerphone.

Panasonic KX-T7633 Phone

Panasonic KX-T7633

  • 3-Line Display
  • 24 Programmable CO Keys with Dual-Colour LED
  • Volume Control
  • 12 Feature Keys
Panasonic Phones

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