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Our mission is to provide you with the very latest in telecommunications solutions as well as ‘legacy’ products that will meet both your current and future needs.

We proudly offer a consultative approach to our clients ensuring they have the very best in telecom technology. Whether setting up a call centre / contact centre, or small business, or upgrading enterprise corporations, Simpson Telecom Group will ensure your needs, budget, and time frame are met.  

Our Services

Provisioning Headsets for Call and Contact Centres

Provisioning Headsets for Call and Contact Centres

STG will assist the Call Center Manager with the headset selection that best suits their specific application.

Corded or Cordless?

Corded headsets have no battery, therefore have no battery life issues.

Cordless headsets possess varying charge-holding capabilities.

Extended life batteries may be vital to a specific Call Centre environment.

STG will help you determine which headset solution(s) will best adapt to your unique environment, while taking into account Call Centre hours of operation, size, functionality, and of course, the budget.

If you are choosing cordless headsets for your Call Centre, it's important to note that there are limits to how many units can operate within a given site.

Interference can occur with some headset products once critical levels have been reached.

STG will advise as to the best product choice for your environment. At times it is wise to choose corded solutions, or perhaps a blend of corded and cordless solutions, as opposed to overloading a cordless operation.

Telephony Solutions for Hotels/Motels

Telephony Solutions for Hotels/Motels

STG offers a variety of Hotel/Motel specific telephone options for all of your property applications. With industry standard manufacturers such as Teledex, Telematrix and Scitec, we will help you determine the best choice for your administrative, maintenance, lobby, guest room and other common phone usage locations.

In addition to providing Hotel/Motel specific station equipment, STG also provides the unique service of offering and supporting Refurbished equipment, to include Proprietary phones and common equipment for your Nortel, Avaya, Cisco or Panasonic switch.

Should you require an Attendant console, Admin phone, line or trunk card, for repair/maintenance or expansion, we can provide a sound budgetary alternative to any of your needs.

Look to STG for help when you are looking to streamline your communications costs.

We also provide a TWO YEAR WARRANTY on all of our Refurbished products.

Manufacturers typically offer a one year warranty on their equipment, therefore the Reburbished equipment selection becomes an even more intelligent purchase alternative.

Paging System Design and Implementation

Paging System Design and Implementation

Paging has distinct applications, each of which requires careful design scrutiny that will allow it to cater to the unique requirements of each site.

A warehouse may have loud, louder or extremely loud areas, which necessitates careful design and implementation so that all "pages" will be heard clearly and without sounding muffled or distorted. Occasionally, an environment may be so loud, that use of light emitting signalling solutions become a better idea.

Typically, an office environment is much quieter, but has its own unique set of parameters around which we design a suitable paging solution.

Ceiling speakers tend to be the most popular choice where a "drop" ceiling is in place, but we can also provision box speakers which can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Available in a variety of colours and styles, we can complement your unique decorative taste.

All components are made by the top names in the Paging/sound industry and performance is guaranteed. Clarity is a MUST when "page" notifications are voiced and STG guarantees comprehensability.

An important feature of Paging amplifiers for those with 24 hour operations, is the Night Transfer feature, which will broadcast any required incoming ringing from your regular or specified phone lines, directly to the horns in your warehouse.

Night Transfer is a standard feature on our products and it can be disengaged should it not be required.

STG will design your paging solution so that it will be an effective communications tool, while being discreet and inoffensive to office and warehouse employees.

Installation/termination/testing of all voice and data cabling

Installation/termination/testing of all voice and data cabling

There are myriad cabling types, manufacturers and qualities.

It is imperative to select an experienced and knowledgeable cabling company to properly execute your cabling needs.

STG always recommends that a cabling solution includes the highest level of fire protection. Fire proof! Not fire retardant. There's a big difference.

Keep in mind that not all Buildings specify that Fireproof cabling is required by Code.

If required, be sure that you are getting the Fireproof cable that you paid for, and not a cheaper substitute.

Once we have agreed upon a cabling solution, every "run" will be installed carefully, so as not to damage the cable. Any kinks or perforations in a cable can lead to poor performance down the road, or immediately.

We guarantee our cable installations for 10 years, so if there is any "down the road" trouble related to our cabling, it will be rectified at no charge.

If you choose an alternate supplier, be sure that they provide the same guarantees as does STG.

All elements of our installation, both the seen and the unseen, will be structured and fastened in the most functional and aesthetically pleasing manner possible.

Whether your site calls for Cat3, 5, 5e or Cat6 grade cabling, it will be installed and tested to flawless specifications.

We fastidiously clean our work environment after completion so that you will not have dust, cable bits or any evidence that we were even on site.

Flexible leasing products for system purchasing budgets

Flexible leasing products for system purchasing budgets

STG carefully selected Leasing partners based on their competiveness, flexibility and ease of communication. We do not partner with unproven or "fly-by-night" entities.

Whether you choose to totally or partially capitalize your communications investment, we ensure that you will enjoy a flexible range of deposit amounts, length of lease term and several options at end of lease.

Evaluation of your communications assets

Evaluation of your communications assets

Your telephone system and its related components represent a significant corporate investment. Whether you need to evaluate its value for insurance reasons, or for purposes of assessing its contribution to corporate net worth, STG will carefully collect the necessary inventory data, include pertinent deprecation factors, then provide an accurate reflection of its value under current market conditions.

Industry leader in low cost system expansion to include provisioning of extended warranty

Industry leader in low cost system expansion to include provisioning of extended warranty

STG invented the idea of providing lower cost Refurbished phone equipment alternatives in Canada. In 1984, when only New equipment was being marketed for purchase, we pioneered the provisioning of Refurbished telephones and related peripherals, as a method of lowering considerably, the high cost of ongoing repair/maintenance and expansion.

The reliability of Refurbished equipment is so strong, that we raised the duration of our warranty on the product to TWO years, from the earlier One year term.

Additionally, with the TWO year warranty, our customers enjoy savings of 25-50% over New equipment.

A quantitative "one-two" punch to satisfy both budget and performance!

Is your company moving?

Is your company moving?

Regardless of your company size, the logistics of a company move can be overwhelming. When moving a phone system, you will want professional guidance through every step of the transition.

Here are some common concerns:

  • Have you called your line provider to cancel service at your old locations and arranged activation for the lines and services at your new locations?
  • Will you want to use your existing Main phone number and fax number at the new location? Have you been told that this is possible or are you assuming that it is?
  • Should your staff members bring their own office phones to the new location or should they be moved along with the phone system and other components?
  • Is all existing cabling up to date and functioning properly at the new location?
  • Will any new cabling, additional phones or paging system be required at the new location?
  • Does the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) of your phone system need to be updated at the new location? Perhaps integrated with your Data environment?

The reliability and credibility of your phone system provider is never more important than during a company move.

Once you reopen for business, you want all your customers be able to call in and get the usual familiar greeting. Not "I'm sorry, the number you have called is not in service", or any one of a number of unwanted recordings.

STG will ensure a smooth transition.

Our Telecom Solutions

  • We proudly resell Avaya and Polycom phones and provide service and support of (Legacy) Nortel / Norstar, Panasonic and Toshiba phone systems.
  • Avaya, Nortel, Panasonic, Toshiba and Centrex telephony/system hardware.
  • Specialty telephones, such as red emergency phones, indoor/outdoor phone enclosures for extreme heat or cold, door phones and door opening solutions.
  • We recommend and deploy the industry’s best wired and wireless headset products, inlcuding Chameleon, Plantronics and Jabra headsets.
  • Certified in the design, implementation and support of Avaya IP Office.
  • Polycom wired and wireless audio conferencing solutions.

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