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Nortel / Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS)

The Nortel / Norstar Modular Integrated Communications System (MICS) is a key system designed for growing small-to-medium businesses and is expandable up to 248 ports. Advanced integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centres and speech recognition. The Modular ICS can grow with your business through the addition of trunk and station modules as you need them.

Features & Benefits

  • Grow your business at the pace that works best for you
  • MICS is fully scalable up to 224 users in total
  • Improve your productivity and save money
  • Add features and applications as you need them
  • Achieve cost savings and operational simplicity
  • MICS is multi-site capable: by inter-networking multiple MICS to create an extensive, seamless, multi-site network and centralized voicemail
  • Investment protection & easy migration
  • MICS grows in a modular, building block fashion so you can reuse all your existing components
  • MICS shares many components with BCM portfolio (for a long-term convergence strategy)

Nortel / Norstar MICS Cabinet



  • All software releases available.
  • Expandable to over 250 total ports.
  • Basic configuration is 0x32 (Zero lines x 32 extensions)
  • Modular ICS Core Unit includes 2 universal slots for use with analog and digital line/trunk cartridges.
  • Supports Analog Station Modules for the support of single line phones, fax machines, and modems.
  • Supports ISDN-BRI, PRI, and T1 digital services as well as point-to-point communications and private networking between business locations
  • Compatible with voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, and enhanced call centers
  • Compatible with all Norstar M7000 and T7000 series telephone sets.

p/n:  NT7B53FA

Nortel / Norstar MICS 7.1 Software

7.1 Software

All norstar phones are compatible with MICS 7.1 software. 
Enhanced ATA2 is the ONLY ATA compatible with MICS 6.1 and later software. 
All NRU's, Fast RAD, VMI and CTA's are compatible with MICS 6.1 and later software. 
SMDR6 is compatible with MICS 6.1 and later software. 
Nams are NOT COMPATIBLE with 7.1 Software. 
The MCDN networking key code is compatible with 6.1 and later software which will enable you to network and share a voicemail and 2 MICS systems. 
One key code required on each end.

p/n:  NTPW0138

Nortel / Norstar MICS 2 Port & 6 Port Fibre Expansion Cartridge

2 Port & 6 Port Fibre Expansion Cartridge


These Norstar cartridges allow the addition of up to two/six Fiber Trunk or Fiber Station Modules. The cartridge is required to enlarge the system beyond the base controller.

  • Compatible with Modular ICS products with fiber interface capabilities
  • Provides additional ports to connect additional Fiber Trunk (12x0), Fiber Station (0x16), or Analog Station Modules (ASM) to expand core Modular ICS capacity
  • Compatible with all releases of the Modular ICS

p/n:  2-port NTBB02GA; 6-port NTBB06GA

Nortel / Norstar MICS 6-Port Combo Fibre Expansion Cartridge

6-Port Combo Fibre Expansion Cartridge


  • Provides 6 fiber expansion ports
  • Connects additional Fiber Trunk, Fiber Station, or Analog Station Modules to expand the core MICS cabinet
  • Fits into slot 2 (a half width slot) of the MICS cabinet
  • With XC software, two 6-port fiber expansion cartridges can be installed into the MICS cabinet


  • Compatible with the Modular ICS core only

p/n:  NTBB25GA

Nortel / Norstar MICS 0x16 Fibre Station Module

0x16 Fibre Station Module

The Norstar 0x16 Station Module (NTBB41) is used to add 16 stations (phones) to the Norstar Modular ICS or the Modular 824 To connect an 0x16 to the MICS, you will also need an 2 or 6 port expansion card if you do not already have one.

p/n:  NTBB41FB

Nortel / Norstar MICS 12x0 Fibre Trunk Module

12x0 Fibre Trunk Module

The Norstar 12x0 Trunk Module (NTBB20 - NTBB20FB93) holds up to 3 LS/DS or Caller ID LS/DS Trunk Cards. 
Each trunk card adds 4 incoming lines to you Norstar System making each trunk module capable of adding up to 12 more phone lines to your existing system. 
The 12x0 is used to expand your Norstar Modular ICS or Norstar 824 To connect an 0x16 to the Norstar Control Unit, you will also need an 2 or 6 port expansion card if you do not already have one. 

  • 3 Slot trunk module
  • Holds up to 3 4-port trunk carts

p/n:  NTBB20FB

Nortel / Norstar MICS Digital Trunk Cartridge

Digital Trunk Cartridge

This Norstar Digital Trunk Interface (DTI) terminals a 24-channel T1 link from a public or private network. It will also support fractional T-1. An RJ48 jack provides the interface to the T1 network. Each of the 24 channels can be configured to emulate either loop-start, E&M, or DID trunks. The DTI has an integrated Channel Services Unit (CSU). The CSU provides line isolation, signal regeneration, and network performance monitoring. The CSU can be turned off for use with an external CSU. Must use with clock services cartridge. For use on the Norstar Modular ICS only.
More Information

  • Provides access fo up to 24 digital T1 or ISDN-PRI channels
  • Equipped with built-in Channel Service Unit (CSU) functionality to support the integrity of digital signaling
  • Core Modular ICS can support up to two DTIs for a total of 48 T1 or ISDN-PRI (digital) lines
  • DTIs cannot be installed in Trunk Modules
  • Requires either the Services Cartridge of the Combination Fiber 6-Port Services Cartridge
  • Compatible with the Modular ICS core only
  • ISDN-PRI Soft Key is required in order to configure the Digital Trunk Cartridge as a PRI Card

p/n:  NT7B74AAAA

Nortel / Norstar MICS PRI Enabler

PRI Enabler

The Norstar PRI Enabler allows you to utilize features such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding and Call Transfer.
More Information

  • This is the code that enables the PRI feature on the Norstar MICS 0X32 T1 application. PRI lets your dialtone provider offer more competive rates on long distance and other services
  • Supports ISDN-PRI trunking using Norstar?s existing T1 trunk cartridge. 

p/n:  NTAB2769

Nortel / Norstar MICS 0x8 Analog Station Module

0x8 Analog Station Module

The Norstar Analog Station Module serves as an interface between a Norstar-PLUS Modular ICS and analog devices such as FAX machines, FAX Modems, credit card verification devices, as well as analog voice equipment. The ASM is an 8 port module that connects to the Modular ICS unit via a Modular ICS Fiber Expansion Cartridge. Two ASMs may be daisy-chained together and connected to a single fiber receptacle on an expansion cartridge. The ASM supports the same features and functionality as the ATA-2. The ASM will support data modem transmission speeds up to 33.6 kb/s.

*Also available with Message Waiting feature

p/n:  NTBB51CA (0x8); NTBB51CB (0x8 w/message waiting)

Nortel / Norstar MICS SMDR6 (Station Message Detail Recording)

SMDR6 (Station Message Detail Recording)

A Station Message Detail Recording unit enables you to capture and print a complete call log of all incoming and outgoing calls in your system. Receives SMDR data from telephone system for output to recording device. Requires 1 telephone station port. Data can be printed on a serial printer or output to call accounting software.

p/n:  NT8B95AAAE

Nortel / Norstar MICS ATA-2 (Analog Terminal Adapter)

ATA-2 (Analog Terminal |Adapter)

Converts a Norstar digital port to analog for communication with analog devices such as single line telephones, fax machines, modems, and answering machines Single line sets can interface with Norstar system features such as call waiting, call forward.

p/n:  NT8B90AL

Nortel / Norstar MICS DID Trunk Cartridge

DID Trunk Cartridge


  • Provides access to up to 4 analog DID trunks
  • Routes calls from the public network directly to sets, bypassing an attendant, reducing traffic to the central answering position
  • All DID Trunk Cartridges have Disconnect Supervision
  • DID trunks do not support CMS/Class services (Caller ID)


  • Compatible with MICS 4.0 or higher

p/n:  NT8B37GA

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